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Staying true to form, Saturday Night Live, brought truth to light with laughter on Saturday February 13, 2016.  The days following Beyonce’s video premier and Super Bowl performance  filled Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds with entry after entry of opinions. Whether the feedback was positive or negative, there was no escaping Beyonce’s command to get in Formation. There seems to be a clear split in opinion between the black and white communities overall. For many black viewers, Beyonce’s Formation is a celebration of her identity and a stance against political and sociological events that have blatantly shown disregard for equality and justice in black communities. For many white viewers, Beyoncé showed them disrespect by having the gaul to say she loved her culture and was against the injustices shown to her people. So after a week of tensions rising, Saturday Night Live offered a well needed relief with the skit:

Many black entertainers attain a certain level of success and become the exception. Not black, just special. Residing in mansions and wearing the tops designer brands should lead them to cultural amnesia? They should forget memories of the childhood and teenage years with the families and in their communities that truly helped shape who they are today? Those expectations are just as unrealistic as the comparisons made between the kick and the black panthers.

But I digress. Lolol. Take a look, have a good laugh, adjust your crowns Queens and carry on!!!!!!

Miss Queen