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This post was from January 11, 2016 on one of my personal social media platforms

Five years ago today on 1/11/11, I decided to start my loc journey. The date did not hold much significance until recently while studying the number 11 and repetitions of it such as 1:11 or 11:11. 

From my study, I have learned that the number 1 represents knowledge and 11 represents peace. Other representations of this number are: illumination, enlightenment, inspirational, idealism, intuitive, psychic abilities, revolution, highly energized, visionary, enthusiastic, creative/creativity to name a few. 

All of these representations resonated with me when reading them because in that moment I realized that starting my loc journey on that day was no coincidence. It started out with fear and frustration and concern for others thoughts. But It has indeed been a journey to self love, self analysis, psychic awakening, heightened energy, enlightenment and the reshaping of ideals and goals. Most importantly I’ve gained ever evolving inner peace as my knowledge deepens. 

Everyday is school. Each day is a new opportunity to learn more about you.  

11 (Peace)