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I, like so many, create my own listening experience through Pandora, Spotify or iTunes. I have created a bubble that shields me from the mess that is currently called music. I do miss out though on the great artists through. Those artists throughout r&b, hip hop, and pop to name a few, that are sprinkled on the airwaves to make the daily slop thrown on the air called good music more palatable.

I was in for a pleasant surprise this past weekend when browsing my timeline. There was a video by Tricia Miranda with hip hop crews showing their best routines to Missy’s song called Where They From. MISSY IS BACK?!?!  So, as mentioned earlier I’ve been chilling in my bubble. Had no clue she was back on the scene. I watched the choreography video and it brought back that feeling I got back in the 90’s when hip hop was, well, DOPE!!!  Anywho, I found myself watching the video a third then fourth time, when I realized it was not purely the dancing I loved but the song.

One of the things that has always appealed to me about hip hop is the facet of dance. To see the musicality personified is a beautiful thing. One of the things that has always appealed to me about Missy’s work is that she never tried to fit a mold. She is always unapologetically herself. Raw. Isn’t that how hip should be? How it used to be? Unique and original.

So I searched YouTube to then find the official video to Missy’s WTF (Where They From) and I was very pleased. Glad she is back on the scene. Her songs always seem to bring out the best in choreographers and videographers.

I love hip hop. Oh and Where am I reppin? Brooklyn of course!!!


Miss Queen