For as long as many can remember, the “American Dream” has always been sold to us as a plan to remain in debt (AKA – a SLAVE).  Think on it.  The American Dream is to go to college, which few can afford outright so this leads to the request for federally funded loans.  While in college it is difficult for many to work and focus on their studies so an individual either faces a drop in their grades or bank account balance.  If the latter is the reality, the chances of obtaining your first credit card happens during this time.

When you graduate you find a decent job and want the nice car and apartment.  So now on top of credit card debt and student loans you have a car note along with monthly rent and utilities.  Once you find the right person you both marry and work together to buy (looooong term lease) a house.  So when do you ever REALLY reach your dream when  you are consistently fighting to climb and conquer a mountain of debt?  We have become indoctrinated so well that another option is not even fathomable.

African Americans make up a little over 10% of the United States.  Out of those 34.6 African Americans, only 46% are home owners compared to the 56% that rent and the 65% of Whites that own their homes.  The percentage of African Americans that actually own their home outright is probably only a small percentage.  So what is the solution? How do we set ourselves on a path to be completely FREE? Set a 2 year plan and make your dream a reality.

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