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I saw this ad this morning and was brought to silence for a second.  Nivea is a well known body care establishment that many African Americans are familiar with.  I can clearly remember my grandmother having a jar of Nivea cream on her dresser as one of  the many products used on her skin as well as mine when I visited.  Since then Nivea has branched out creating many new products including a complete line for men.  This particular ad though struck a STRONG and LASTING note with me this morning,

As someone that has been completely natural since 2009, I have found a new sense of pride in my natural beauty as well a confidence to wear my hair and NOT CARE what non-black folks say or think about it.  Of course we know there are many that align natural hair, afros, locs, braids, etc… with being unprofessional, being unclean, being hood, etc..  All type of negative stereotypes have been placed on the way Black folks wear their NATURAL hair.  In my opinion, white America gets offended when we take pride in US and stop trying to look like them.  With self acceptance comes self love and with that come confidence on many levels.  When we are confident and strong in our presence it is intimidating to them.

The ad specifically shows a Black Man with a close shaven haircut holding a head that represents a previous version of himself rocking an afro and goatee.  Not only is the picture itself disturbing and disrespectful, but the words that are a part of the ad are an added slap in the face!!!  Plus it is targeted at our black men!  The disregard for our people and our culture is disgraceful but we must make the change that we want to see.  “Look like you give a damn”????  “Re-civilize yourself”???  Really Nivea?????

For those that want to take their comments straight to the horses mouth here is the information for Nivea.  The link will take you directly to the complaint page on their company website:

Please write and/or call today! Here is their contact info:
1-800-227-4703 M-F 9:30 to 4:30 EST.
The link to their page to WRITE an email is:

Miss Queen