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Why did this blog come about?  Simply because I was reluctant to do the FB thing for years up until November 2010.  I tried it.  Jumped in with eyes wide open and created a profile.  Fast forward to March 2011…I’m BORED!!!!!!  FB is overrated in my opinion.  There are loads of great groups to join and yes some of them are helpful.   

Things start out slow and simple on FB.  The new member usually uses the search feature for the first week or so trying to build up their friend list.  I did this too but I knew that I only wanted to have a select few in my circle.  Don’t get me wrong, FB is a phenomenal tools for networking.  It has global reach that acts as a wonderful medium for good causes.  Ideally, FB is a platform for positive, productive dialogue and networking.  The reality is a bit different in my experience.

From what I have seen the past four months, if you do not:

  • Want to have random people as friends (i.e. – 1200 friends!!!  C’mon Really???)
  • Desire to spend endless hours reading and commenting on trivial things (i.e. – the bus operator driving during my commute home was a jerk) 
  • Desire to spend time uploading your ENTIRE photo collection into your FB photos
  • Desire to check in EVERYWHERE you go so that we know your location (i.e. – just checked in at Exxon)
  • Desire to win the world’s record for FB member that has posted the MOST quotes or music videos


  • Have a business to market through a fan page where you already have a customer base (this is actually great!!)

then it is best to continue using your current modes of communicating.  LOL

LOL.  Sorry to all the diehard FB members.  🙂  I know that many use FB to keep connected with friends and family.  It can be a truly useful communication tool, but here is the question I always ask myself right before inboxing or posting on a wall of friends and family.  “Why don’t I just send a text or email from my personal email????”  LOL.  Why does it have to be on FB?  Why???  Why does all of the world have to see vids and pics of my family when I can just email them??  The responses I get when I have asked these questions have been:

  • “Stop being so critical”
  • “Get with the times (mind you, I am not old)”
  • “That’s just what you do on FB”

and my all-time favorite

  •  “Why are you concerned? You can set the privacy settings for protection”

Although, I will keep my FB account to communicate with those that I don’t necessariy want to give my personal email, it will be at a minimum.  Blogs, in my opinion, offer a platform for more meaningful dialogue.  So here I am fellow Queens!!!

What are your thoughts?